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Life Update, aha :)

Well, in my previous life update, things were as bad as they could get, i was so depressed about the fact that i may lose her before i ever even had her…but with all honesty in my heart, i NEVER gave up on her. she means the world to me…why would i give up on that? ahaha…
Well anyway i told her that i thought she would hurt me and snob me and my attempts to make friends with her and that is why i have avoided her for so long and guess what…..she understood. She told me that would never happen between us and that she honestly wanted to get to know me too!!!! Now we talk almost everyday!! We share secrets, laugh at each other, annoy the absolute shit out of each other..and fall asleep talking to each other <3
Just goes to show that if you NEVER give up and NEVER back down, success will be yours!!! :)
Life is amazing, she is amazing…that’s all i need <3




this is so cute.

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Please don’t give up on me like everyone else has… <3


Another Fucking Life Update

I truly wished that i wouldnt be doing one of these for a while…but here’s what happened, this girl seemed to show a general interest in me and it thrilled me so much!! but i can never muster up the courage to talk to her!! it is killing me and i dont want her to lose interest!!! i have to do this by wednesday. WEDNESDAY IS THE DEADLINE. i have let her down so many times and she thinks it’s because im not interested when really…..i wonder to myself why an angel like her would ever speak to a freak like me. <3